Realme Buds Classic with 14.2mm Audio Driver HD microphone Launched in India at Rs.399

Realme Buds Classic wire earrings are released in India with Realm C12 and Realme C15. The new earrings are the next in the company’s audio lineup after Realme Buds 2, which was priced at Rs. 599. RealMe Buds Classic comes with an in-line remote and has a half-ear design with an insulated fit to make users aware of their surroundings while listening to their favorite tracks. Realme has chosen two unique color options.

Realme Buds Classic Price In India

In India, Realme Buds Classic is priced at Rs. 399. Earrings have arrived in black and white color options for sale in the country starting at 12 noon (noon) IST on August 24th. Also, the sale will take place through the Amazon and Realme India website. With Realme Buds Classic Earbuds, Realme has unveiled its T-shirt in white for Rs. 999, which will be available for purchase through the company’s website from September 4th.

realme buds classic

Realm Buds Classic Features, Specifications

Entrance Level RealMe Buds Classic is designed for people looking for affordable, wire earrings. Realm has provided a 14.2mm audio drive that is said to capture “the nuances of music”. The earbuds have a built-in high-definition (HD) microphone and a remote with a button to control the music playback. It can also be used to attend voice calls – without taking the phone out of your pocket.

RealMe has provided a cable trim bar to allow the TPU-wrapped cable of RealMe Butts Classic to be easily folded. Also, there is a 3.5mm connection that provides universal compatibility.

Unlike Realme Butts 2, Realme Butts Classic does not include any magnets. The design of the new earrings is also different because they do not come with earrings, instead of providing a half ear structure. The company claims that the circular shape of the ear canal fits snugly in the ear canal.

Realme Buds competes against the classic Xiaomi Mi earphones speaker, which has a slip-resistant design with a metal sound chamber. My earphones and basic earrings are priced at Rs. 399.

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