Asus Zenfone 7 Series Launches Next Week on August 26

Asus Zenfone 7. Last year, Asus launched the Zenfone 6, a flagship smartphone aimed at the Reddit and XDA crowd. It has a notch or hole-punch thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 3.5mm headphone jack, rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, motorcycle, 5,000mAh battery, wide-angle camera, and a clean flip camera. A version of Android in ZenUI 6 format. A year later, Asus is now preparing to launch the successor to the Zenfone 6, aptly called the Zenfone 7. Asus quietly sets up a YouTube live stream event this week The release will take place on August 26th.

asus zenfone 7

What is worth noting about this live stream event is that it is for the Zenfone 7 series, suggesting that more than one model will be announced this year.

As the Android Authority has pointed out, a database list may already have corrupted some of the specifications of the ASUS Zenfone 7, including the 5,000MAh battery and 30W charging. Qualcomm has already confirmed that the Zenfone 7 will feature the Snapdragon 865, although it is unclear whether this is a regular or plus variant. Other specifications such as screen size, display technology, and the camera can follow the trends of 2020. We do not know what spec differences there are between the device (s) in the new smartphone series.

We do not know how much the device will cost, it will be even bigger than the higher prices of other flagship smartphones we saw this year. Last year’s Zenfone 6 was priced at $499, which was exactly what was in the ballpark of affordable, value-added smartphones at the time. 5G has made many flagships more expensive this year, so we hope the Zenfone 7 will not fall victim to this trend.

If you are interested in learning more, the Zenfone 7 series will be released to the world on August 26th in Taipei (2:00 pm Eastern time) at 2:00 pm, so set a reminder on your calendar.

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