Google Pixel 5 Launch on September 30 Officially Announced

Google Pixel 5 Launch. The rumors were correct. Today Google has officially announced(Google Pixel 5 Launch) when its next hardware announcement will take place: on September 30, at 11 AM PT, as usual, this time it will be the only event online. So the slogan you can see in the call below – “Your bed is the best seat in the house”.

This “boot night” is about the hardware, consider which Google Twitter account surpassed it. So we expect the Pixel 5 to look the same with the Pixel 4A5G. Names may change, but the idea here is that the two new phones should be official.

It’s not necessary – the long – leaked Android TV dongle codenamed Sabrina has not yet been announced, so it’s time to finally get attention. It also goes for the new Nest Smart Speaker.

Google Pixel 5 launch

Pixel wise, don’t expect Google to use the flagship Snapdragon 865 SoC, instead, the company has long been rumored to go with the 765(Google Pixel 5 Launch) families because it is so affordable. Chloe will also go without radar functionality from Pixel 4, so it is not a test that will last long.

google pixel 5 launch

Design-wise, the Pixel 5 should be somewhat similar to the 4a, making a bump up with the glass – in addition to the SoC, it may have 8GB of RAM (Google Record), a 90Hz screen, and a new Ultrawide camera. Back.

The Pixel 4A5G is basically going to be the larger version of the 4a, with the Snapdragon 765G headed to enable that 5G connection, but it could actually play an extra camera on the back.

Google’s FAQ page reads, However, the company did not disclose details of the sites where the launch event will be broadcast live to the public. The leaks have revealed a lot about them, including the specs, features, and pictures, as Google comes to the hardware launch during the September 30 event. Starting from Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A5G, leaked images indicate that both devices share a lot when it comes to their design language. The leaked renders of the Pixel 5 show a design heavily inspired by the Pixel 4a, which features a slot-punch display, a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and a squirrel camera module.

Speaking of glass, the Pixel 5 6-inch OLED display is said to feature a 90 Hz upgrade. It will draw power from the Snapdragon 765G SoC ticking with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. On the back, you’ll find a 12.2MP main camera and a wide-angle lens that replaces the telephoto lens found on its predecessor. Selfie and video calling duties will be handled by the 8MP front camera, while the 3,800mAh battery will power the entire package. The upcoming Android TV dongle, codenamed “Sabrina”, is priced at Rs. Is 49.99. It may also offer a dedicated Auto Low Incognito mode (ALLM) to automatically enable short-delay mode to provide a lag-free gaming experience. Leaks indicate that it will display a pebble-like design and will have a USB Type-C interface for connection.

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