Google Pixel Foldable Phone Tipped to Launch Q4 2021 Codename Leaked

Google Pixel Foldable Phone. The internal Android document suggests that Google’s first-pixel foldable device could be launched next year. This new document indicates that the technology company is already working on its first foldable device and will launch it in 2021. The internal document states that Google is developing at least two Android versions for the Pixel 5a, along with a foldable device.

Google Pixel Foldable Phone

Other devices. Pixel 5A is the successor to Pixel 4A, launched a few days ago. 9to5Google has access to this internal Android document, which generates all publicly launched pixels and some undeclared ones. This includes the Pixel 5A, codenamed ‘Barbet’. The folding device is codenamed ‘Passport’ and the other two devices in development are said to be codenamed ‘Crow’ and ‘Oriole’.

google pixel foldable phone

Guess the code names for the Pixel 6 series, which is expected to launch in 2021, are Crow and Oriole. The document explicitly states that the ‘passport’ device can be folded. Crow, Oriole, and Passport devices are labeled ‘Q4 2021’ with their release timetables. Google has been rumored to be operating on a foldable pixel device since last year, and Google executive Mario Curos confirmed that the technology company is actually experimenting with foldable displays.

However, he said the company is not in a hurry to release its first foldable phone anytime soon. The patent, filed by Google last year, showed Google’s foldable smartphone prototype design, which featured a display. This design is one of the many foldable prototypes tested by Google. Up to now, there has been no real leak of the pixel foldable phone, so the design is still unpredictable.

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