Oneplus Billie 1 and Billie 2, These Oneplus Nord phones are on the way

Oneplus Billie 1 and Billie 2. OnePlus North has been very well received since it was announced in mid-July but has no plans to release it in the United States. Instead, OnePlus is doing something else, today Max J. He has partnered with Concept Creator to provide some clarity on this matter.

OnePlus Bille 1 and OnePlus Bille 2

In a recent interview, co-founder Carl Bee confirmed that OnePlus is making another Nord smartphone for the United States. If this changes, the company is actually developing two OnePlus Nord smartphones locally called ‘Billy 1’ and ‘Billy 2’.

These devices, which could be introduced later this year with the flagship OnePlus 8D series, were nicknamed ‘Aurora’ by Max Jay and Concept Creator in memory of Northern Lights. Keep in mind, however, that it is not clear which Nord marketing name OnePlus will choose for them.

oneplus billie 1

As for the respective designs, no definitive information is available at this stage. But that doesn’t stop Concept Creator from creating some cool concept renders of the two Billy smartphones based on what is currently expected from them.
These OnePlus Nord smartphones should be cheaper than the original.

The OnePlus Nord is already considered a relatively inexpensive smartphone, but the OnePlus Billy1 and Billy2 will take that idea to a whole new level by reducing some of the features and still being affordable.

Again, keep in mind that no information about their designs is currently available. But Max J. And Concept Creator OnePlus imagines the Billy 1 and Billy 2 with dual-camera and triple-camera systems, respectively, rather than the quad-camera system fitted with the original Nord.

oneplus billie 1

It will be paired with similar front panel designs centered on the punch hole camera. To reduce costs, the clarity and refresh rate can be downgraded, while the size of the bezels may increase.

The existing OnePlus North Corning Gorilla Class 5 has front and rear protection, although with the OnePlus Billy 1 and Billy 2 this extra protection can be removed. The rear glass can be replaced with at least one model with glossy plastic.
Different Snapdragon chipsets are also expected

One of the most expensive components in a smartphone is the chipset. If a company wants to build a very cheap smartphone, it is difficult to choose the cheapest chipset, and OnePlus is no different.

Leaked information indicates that at least one OnePlus Billy model will be powered by the Gilcomb Snapdragon 690. It was recently announced as the successor to the popular Snapdragon 675 and has an integrated 5G modem, but it is slower than the Snapdragon 765 used within the OnePlus Nord.

A Geekbench list defines the standard as having 6GB of RAM and Android 10. Unfortunately, no other information about the smartphone is currently available. The other OnePlus Billy device can retain the same chipset and focus on downgrading in other areas. However, that is entirely speculative.

oneplus billie 1

How much does OnePlus Billy 1 and Billy 2 cost?

Considering the original OnePlus Nord’s $,399 price point, it makes sense to offer the OnePlus Billy 1 and Billy 2 for € 199 and 9,299 in Europe, respectively. Again though, it is completely speculative at this point.

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