Oppo F17 Pro is Coming soon as the “slickest phone of 2020” under Rs. 25,000

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Oppo F17 Pro. Oppo released the F15 again in January, and now the company is set to launch its successor, the Oppo F17 Pro.

Oppo’s Indian branch took to Twitter to tease the F17 Pro and released a short clip saying the F17 Pro was “coming soon”. The video also shows the left side of the phone which is the home of the SIM card slot and volume rocker.

We can also find the camera pump on the F17 Pro with dual rear cameras, which is really amazing since it came with F15 quad rear cameras. However, there is also the possibility of arranging four snappers in a square formation on the back of the F17 Pro, which is why we only see two cameras from this angle. We will have to wait for more information to be confirmed.

Oppo has not released any specifications of the F17 Pro, but it has been promoting the smartphone as “the thinnest phone of 2020” and it has been revealed that it will be 7.48mm thin and weigh 164g. It is thinner than the Oppo Renault 4 Pro Global variant, which is one of the lightest smartphones available in our hands in recent times.

Oppo F17 Pro

oppo f17 pro

In a press release, Oppo said the F17 Pro, which targets young trendsetters, will have a thin 220-degree rim that will give you a comfortable and smooth feel of the device.

Another bit of information revealed by Oppo is the price. Below is the text that says the F17 Pro will be the most elegant smartphone in the INR25,000 ($ 335 / € 280) category by 2020 in the image shared with the press release.

In early September there were rumors that Oppo would launch the F17 as the most elegant smartphone, but our sources say that this is only the F17 Pro that is currently coming, with no word on the Vanilla F17.

The release date of the Oppo F17 Pro has not been announced yet, but we do know that it will be sold in India through Amazon.in.

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