Oppo Find X3 Series to Launch in 2021 With System-Wide 10-Bit Color Support, Officially Confirmed

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Oppo Find X3. Oppo teases that the Find X3 will launch in 2021. The company announced at its Inno Day 2020 conference that the Oppo Find X3 Series will offer the ultimate top 10 bit color support with its new full-path color management system. This new system will bring support for HEIF (High-Performance Image Format) and the full DCI-P3 wide color range on the phone to deliver full precision colors. The Oppo Find X3 is said to be the ‘first Android’ smartphone to offer this functionality.

The company announced new developments on the Oppo Find X3 on the second day of the Inno Day 2020 conference in China. The new full-path color management system integrated into next year’s Oppo Find X3 series is the first to be introduced on any Android phone. The phone will have its own 10-bit display. Previously, phones were advertised as having 10-bit displays, but they actually had 8-bit displays, in addition to frame rate control to reflect 10-bit performance. To date, many phones have embedded 8-bit panels, including the Oppo Find X2.

oppo find x3

Oppo Find X3:

Oppo claims that this full-path color management system will provide a “better visual experience” and “true and accurate color reproduction”. The new system supports HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Formatting) to save storage space. The company says its R&D team worked on color reproduction by improving the basic structure and hardware. Oppo’s full-path color management system is designed to detail all operations, including computing, encryption, storage, and decoding. This, in addition to HEIF support, the 10-bit color depth and DCI-P3 wide color range seem to provide better color management results on Find X3.

Furthermore, the R&D team also promoted algorithms in areas such as distortion correction, multi-frame noise reduction, and cognitive intensive super-resolution. The new system will support image sensors with Digital Overlap (DOL) HDR mode. In DOL-HDR technology, it combines different exposure conditions into one image. This should improve image results even when caught against bright light.

In addition, Oppo announced a new color correction solution called Color Correction Solution 2.0. It helps visually impaired people with a variety of options to suit their visual needs. Oppo partnered with Zhejiang University to create the solution. The new color correction method will allow users to create their own display, and this will go beyond the limited options currently available.

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