Poco Teases Oneplus Nord Competitor, Comming Soon

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Poco. Angus Guy Ho Ng, Product Marketing Manager of the company, tweeted that Pogo may soon come up with a new mid-tier smartphone that will compete with the OnePlus Nord. The tweet simply asks fans whether they will go to the OnePlus Nord or wait for the new Pogo smartphone, which indicates that the new phone will be a competitor to OnePlus’ latest mid-tier offering, regardless of performance or price. In addition, the official Poko Global account responded to the tweet, confirming, in a way, the upcoming Poko smartphone.


Angus Guy Ho NG shared a tweet with the hashtag ‘#POCOcomingsoon’ which directly refers to Onbus Plus Nord. This suggests that the new Pogo smartphone will target the same market like the OnePlus Nord. Although the tweet did not release any further information, the Pogo Global account responded to it, jokingly confirming the presence of the upcoming smartphone.


For now, no information is available on the upcoming phone other than “coming soon”. This new phone is likely to come together as a renamed version of the existing Xiaomi smartphone or as a new phone.

Speaking of what these phone targets, OnePlus North India is scheduled to go on sale from tomorrow August 6th. It will be available in two configurations priced at 8GB + 128GB, i.e. Rs. 27,999 and 12GB + 256GB priced at Rs. 29.999. The 2GB + 64GB variant will go on sale in India in September at a price of Rs. 24.999. Expect a similar price on the upcoming Pogo smartphone.

Another competitor in this space is the newly announced Pixel 4A which will be available in India in October. For now, Google does not share the price for the country, but the phone that was introduced in the US for $ 349 (approximately Rs. 26,100).

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