Realme 7 Teased to be Unveiled Soon, New Leak September 1 Launch Event

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Realme 7. It is rumored that RealMe 7 will be released soon. Xu Qi Chase, the company’s chief marketing officer, was taken to Weibo to tease RealMe 7’s possible announcement. The new device seems to be the successor to the RealMe 6 that was introduced earlier this year. When RealMe 7 officially launches, a separate leak reveals that RealMe may be hosting an event in China on September 1st.

Chase wrote a photo of a soda can with the number seven on it, pointing to the arrival of the new series. He did not share further details of the device. Now that the teasers have started pouring in, more details are expected to be shared in the future.

A separate leak on Weibo indicates that three companies, Honor, ZE, and Realm, may launch new products on September 1st. If this is true, RealMe may launch RealMe 7 on the same date.

Realme 7

Of course, there is no guarantee that RealMe will launch the RealMe 7 series. It may mock the arrival of a completely new series like the RealMe X7 Series. Realme is expected to provide additional clarity in the future.

realme 7

The Dipster digital chat station has been leaked separately as Realme expects to launch two phones in the future. Rumor has it that both these devices are lightweight and have long battery life. One of the RealMe devices is expected to pack a 4,300 mAh battery on a 65W fast charging, while the other is said to pack a 4,500 mAh battery on the same 65W fast charging. Both devices are expected to weigh less than 200 grams, and they may be as thin as 8mm.

Both of these Dipster-speaking devices may be RealMe 7 and RealMe 7 Pro. Of course, this is once again a pure assumption, and full clarity can only be achieved when Realme shares something more in an official capacity.

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