Airtel Chairman Sunil Mittal Says That Rs.160 Should Get You 1.6GB not 16GB

Airtel Chairman. Bharti Airtel chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal called the current data charges a “tragedy” and said the rates were unsustainable. At one point, Mittal asked Airtel subscribers to “be prepared to pay a lot more.” 16 GB data for Rs. 160, users should get only 1.6GB for the same price, however, the rates should not be as high as in the US or Europe, he said.
“At this price point you are consuming 1.6GB capacity per month or you may be willing to pay a lot more,” Mittal said at an event according to PTI. “We don’t want $ 50-60 (approximately Rs. 3,700 – Rs. 4,400) like in the US or Europe, but of course $ 2 per month for 16GB (approximately Rs. 160) is not standard.”

Airtel Chairman

airtel chairman

According to PTI, Mittal is worth Rs. 160 for 16GB of data is a tragedy for business. At this price point it should only offer 1.6GB of data to consumers, he said. It is priced at Rs. 100 per GB. To look things forward, Airtel currently offers 1GB of daily data for Rs. 199, which is Rs. 8 rupees per GB. The best average revenue per user (ARPU) is Rs. 300 per month to keep the business stable, and Bharti Airtel Chairman ARPU at least Rs. 200 in six months.

“We need an ARPU of Rs.300, of which you have less than Rs.100 per month of data, but if your consumption is mostly on TV, movies, entertainment, and other major specialty service networks, you have to pay for it,” Mittal said. He made the remarks at a book launch event by Bharti Enterprises executive Akhil Gupta.

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