Apple Acquires Dark Sky and will shut down the weather app for Android and Wear OS

Apple buys Dark Sky and closes the weather app for Android and Wear OS. Apple has always been about improving its own ecosystem and growing and improving its “wall garden”, but the fact that an application from this ecosystem has not seen a big change at some point is its own weather application. It hasn’t gotten one since iOS 7 was first released, in fact, it was 7 years ago, in 2013. However, there were some alternatives, one of which included iOS, Android, and the alternative weather app Dark Sky. Wear OS. Now, Apple has purchased the app because it was shared in a blog post.


One of the first immediate effects of this is that the app is no longer available for any non-Apple devices. The application will soon be removed from Google Play, so it cannot be downloaded to Android phones or WOS OS devices. For existing Android users, the application will continue until July 1, during which time the application will be completely discontinued and refunds will be available to exist customers. iOS users can still purchase the app through the App Store and continue to use it. The app was also renamed “Apple by Dark Sky”.

Apple Dark Sky shut down

No matter how much Apple has invested in the ecosystem of apps, they usually don’t do this. For example, Shazam was purchased by Apple in 2018, but they still have the Android version of the app active. One of the possible following steps for Apple is that they can roll it out on their own iOS at some point and integrate it with an existing weather app. Internet services are also being phased out with the Android app.

As for their API, it will be phased out: it will continue to operate until 2021 and will be killed in 2022. Dark Sky Carrot acts as a weather provider for applications and services such as Weather, Tuck Tuck Co, Microsoft. , Scream, and so on, which can affect these applications, so it should be phased out.

Dark Sky was originally scheduled to close on July 1st, but it was delayed until August 1st. However, as of yesterday, the app no ​​longer runs on Android. Rip.

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