Google Files Gets Safe Folder for Hiding Files in Latest Beta

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Google Files. In June, Google discovered that it was creating a ‘secure folder’ for its file usage. Before the feature is presented to users, it is removed with a warning message indicating that the secure folder is no longer supported. To everyone’s surprise, the software giant has now re-enabled the feature in the latest beta version of the Files app.

As the name implies, the secure folder allows users to hide important photos and videos. In addition to hiding files from prying eyes, hidden files can be protected with a 4-digit PIN code.

google files

Google Files

The option to access the secure folder is in the app’s Collections section. To get started, tap on the secure folder and set the 4-digit PIN code. You can find the ‘Move to Safe folder’ option whenever you press a file for a long time and access the overflow menu.

You can access secret files at any time by moving them to a secure folder and then returning to the Packages -> Safe folder. Also, if you decide to move your files from a secure folder, the application will restore the files to their original location.

Files If you install the beta version 1.0.323, you can now start using the secure folder, which can be obtained from the Play Store beta program or APKMirror. In my experience, I did not see the secure folder as soon as I installed Google Files 1.0.323. However, this only appeared after manually closing the app from the settings. If you do not see it, you can try this approach to get a secure folder in Google Files.

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