Google Home App gets Intuitive Multi-Speaker UI, New Performance Activity Features

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Google Home app gets a new update that brings a more intuitive UI that allows you to easily control the controls for multiple rooms or multi-speaker playback. Help re-establish regular triggers via the new update app. Each custom of the app now has a play button next to it, and you can also choose the device to start the regular. The latest Google Home app update also brings a new custom functionality feature, which allows you to increase WiFi performance on specific selected functions.

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The latest Google Home App update raises the version to 2.31, and it brings a number of new features. The new intuitive UI for music controls for the multi-room and multi-speaker system is remarkable. This new UI allows you to easily determine which new speaker music to play, and the app also allows volume control for that speaker. You can easily play music on multiple speakers at once and control their volume individually. Prior to this update, the Google Home app had a card-based media control interface, which was improved over the previous year, but still made many speaker systems more complex. This new intuitive UI is a big step.

Google Home App v2.31 allows you to trigger customization through the app. Previously they could only be triggered by a Google Assistant. Now, there are procedures with a play button in the Google Home app. There is also a custom shortcut button on the homepage. Clicking on it will display a list of actions that users can trigger, and they can select the device they usually want to launch and customize it to their liking.

Apart from this, the 9to5Google Google Home App Update also brings a new preferred functional feature, which allows some activities to perform better than others with improved WiFi performance. Currently, this section only has gaming options, but Google is expected to add additional functionality to this section in the future.

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