Google Maps satellite view get more detailed in a colourful update

Google Maps satellite view. Google has posted on its blog about the upcoming updates on Google Maps. Over the past few years, Google has been constantly adding features and useful information to maps, and it’s time for maps to be updated. Google used the color-map algorithm to accurately colorize maps representing different landscapes and geographical features.

The result is a “comprehensive, vibrant map of a region of the globe.” Lakes Rivers and oceans are blue, beaches and deserts are brown, and evergreen areas are green.

Google Maps Satellite View

Google Maps Satellite view

According to Google, you will notice whether you are looking at a big city or a small rural town.

“Soon”, more accurate maps of streets, sidewalks, and pedestrian islands can be seen on a more accurate scale. Google plans to expand its detailed street maps of London, New York, and San Francisco to more cities over the coming weeks.

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