Google Pay NFC Based Card Payments option Rolling out in India

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Google Pay NFC. Google Pay is developing a new feature in India where users can add their Google Pay NFC-powered credit and debit cards as a payment method in addition to their existing bank account option. The new development will help launch Google Tokeno Payment Cards – Google for India announced last year to enable secure online payments via Google Pay using credit and debit cards. It was released in a few weeks for Visa cards. However, this option did not reach the public even a year after the announcement.

As announced by Android Police, Google Pay is offering support for adding credit and debit cards. Users need to verify their card by entering the OTP they receive from the bank to add their card to the app. Once registered, Google Pay comes with a tube and payment function that can be used on NFC-enabled terminals to make touchless payments using a smartphone.

Reddit has a thread that suggests that some users of Google Pay have been getting card support for almost a month. However, it still seems to be limited to select users and has not yet received a wide range of releases.

Google has also created a support page that describes the steps for adding a credit or debit card to the Google Pay app. It states that there is an option to add a card under the Payments section of the Settings menu. However, it should be noted that the support page states that not all Google Pay users will currently have it. Card support is also limited to Visa cards issued by Axis and State Bank of India (SBI).

Google Pay NFC

google pay nfc

We started releasing tokenized cards on Google Pay earlier this year, which allows users to make debit or credit card payments with a secure token attached to their phone, which is very secure and keeps its card details secure. It is very user friendly. For example, you can pay at NFC-enabled POS terminals or pay online without being redirected to 3D secure sites. We are releasing this for those who use Visa cards on Axis Bank and SBI credit cards and more providers are coming soon.

The advent of the option to add cards on Google Pay sets the pitch for token cards announced by a search agent last year. This feature can bring a secure online payment experience by using digital tokens instead of displaying a real credit or debit card number at payment gateways. Google had said that tokenized cards would be available for Visa cards issued by Axis, HDFC, Kotak, and Standard Chartered Banks. However, the new release seems even less so in nature.

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