Google Play May allow Users to Share Apps, Games with Others

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Google Play may soon support peer-to-peer (P2B) for sharing apps, the Google Play Store app’s tear gas recommended. The new offering will allow Android users to share their devices with nearby devices. It works just like the adjacent partition that Google introduced in August to enable P2B partitioning of files such as photos and videos and links. Google Play Store has a dedicated “Send Applications” page where users can share their location with their friends and colleagues.

9to5 The Google Play Store has an updated “My Apps and Games” section on works that can be redesigned as “Manage Apps and Device”, according to tear gas by Google. It can be seen that it has the option of sharing apps so that users can share their applications with nearby devices.

The Share Apps option allows users to choose whether to send or receive the app. Once any options are selected, Google Play Store brings up the Send Applications page to allow users to start P2B sharing of their applications.

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Teardrop reveals that Google may directly allow you to share personalized applications from the redesigned My Apps section, giving you the option of shared apps. Both parties in the sharing process need to open the Google Play Store and connect with each other to send or receive applications. The Android Police said the apps will be shipped using a combination of Bluetooth, NFC, and WiFi Direct. Unlike nearby partitions, it allows sharing files and connections using Bluetooth, NFC, or WiFi.

P2P sharing of apps on Google Play can only be provided for free apps and is not supported by the paid apps feature. Also, there is no set deadline for end-users when it will arrive.

In October 2018, Google implemented the offline P2P sharing of third-party applications, including SHAREit and Xender. The new exposure appears to be an extension of previous development and aims to reduce user dependence on third-party applications.

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