Google Rolled out Final Public Beta Version of Android 11

Google. Google has released the final beta version of Android 11. If you want to install the beta on the Pixel 2 Series with the Pixel 4 Series model, the next update that will be dropped on September 8th will be the final version. Aside from some minor bugs and last-minute changes made by the developers, today’s release includes what you see in the final framework.

Google rolled out


To install the Android 11 General Beta 3 update, go to ​​and click the “Get Beta” box at the bottom of the page. You need to click on the box labeled “View your compatible devices”. Tap the option and you will receive a software update notification shortly. Download and install it to run Android 11 Beta 3. Once you have the Android 11 beta installed on your phone, you should stick with the rumored release date of the final Android 11 version until September 8th. Factory reset.

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