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Kormo Jobs. Google on Wednesday expanded its job listing app Gormo Jobs to India. Gormo Jobs was first launched in Bangladesh in 2018 and then expanded to Indonesia in 2019. The Gormo Jobs app lists jobs and allows individuals to create their own digital curriculum vitae (CV). It’s the latest attempt by Google to connect millions of job seekers with their potential employers, competing with Microsoft’s LinkedIn and Indian – origin job search websites Naukri and Timesjobs.

Gormo Jobs allows you to find recommended jobs based on your profile and apply for appropriate competitions. It is also said to provide tools to improve your life and add new skills to your profile. Provides the option to create a digital CV by providing certain details that can be shared or printed by the application.

Kormo Jobs

kormo jobs

Last year, Google brought Gormo Jobs’ early experience to the Indian market through the Jobs spot section on Google Pay. Through Google Bay integration, the company claims that employers, including Tanzo and Jomato, have been able to register more than 20 million verified jobs. However, there are no details on how many people were able to get employment from those lists.

Nevertheless, Google is now renaming the workspace in Google Bay to Gormo Jobs to provide a consistent experience for users. “We will continue to invest in new features and jobs so that its users can continue to benefit from its convenience,” said Piggy Russell, regional manager and operational leader at Google’s Gormo Jobs, in a blog post.

Google Pave Jobs Spot is specifically designed for entry-level positions. Through Gormo Jobs, Google can compete with entry-level India job websites including LinkedIn and Naukri, Shine.com, and Timesjobs. The advent of the Google app will make it harder to compete with Quicker and Olks, the classified advertising sites that have dedicated job listings to cater to job seekers.

In April 2018, Google partnered with job websites such as Asanjobs, Freshersworld, HeadHanson, IBM Talent Management Solutions, LinkedIn, Quix, and Shine to bring job listings to its search engine in India. That model was inspired by the Google for Jobs feature that debuted in the US in 2017.

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