Microsoft Cortana Support for Android, ios to End in Early 2021

The company has announced that Microsoft Cordana voice assistant support for Android, iOS, and some other operating systems will end in early 2021. It also said support for Cordana service integration in the Hermann Gordon Invoice speaker would be dropped in January 2021. Prior to these changes, the company will first end support for all third-party Cortana capabilities on September 7th. It has been more than a month. These changes are the result of less use of the virtual assistant.

microsoft cortana

According to the announcement on the Microsoft Support page discovered by the Android Police, the company is moving towards a “convertible AI-powered support experience on Microsoft 365”, so areas that focus on its innovation and development need to be adjusted. Maximum help users “where they need it most.” Some changes will be introduced in the US consumer-centric features and functions with minimal changes, while Cordana Voice Assistant for Microsoft Android and iOS will provide global support.

Microsoft Cortana

“We will stop supporting the Cordana app for mobile (iOS and Android) because you can now manage your calendar and email, attend meetings, and experience our new productivity-centric experiences – such as the Cortana Windows 10 experience, with Cortana integrated into teams on the mobile app soon. Microsoft said in a statement.

microsoft cortana

As mentioned earlier, in January 2021 Microsoft will end its support for Cordana service integration in the Hermann Gordon Invoice Speaker. Customers will receive a firmware update from Harman Gordon in early 2021, after which Cordana will no longer be accessible on the device. Customers can continue to listen to music, podcasts, and radio stations via Bluetooth.

Microsoft Cortana support will end in 2021 with the first version of Surface Headphones (no support on Surface Headphones 2). However, users can still call Cordana via Outlook Mobile to manage the inbox via Surface Earbuds. The company will send out $ 50 (approximately Rs. 3,700) gift cards to all active Invoke owners who send out at least one Cordana voice request and $ 25 (approximately Rs. 1,800) gift card after July 31 last year. Owners of surface headphones.

Microsoft Cortana support has already been removed from the launcher application for Android in India, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Mexico, Spain, and the UK.

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