Oxygen OS New Features, Rolled out the OnePlus Smartphones

Oxygen OS New Features. Oneplus launched the Ideas program in March of this year to gain a lively social feedback on OxygenOS. During its first run, users submitted more than 5,000 ideas to the platform, with over 25,000 likes and over 2,000 comments to help OnePlus choose the best ideas. The company has selected 5 new features from these submissions that have been brought to OxygenOS over the past few months.

Following a successful beta test, OnePlus announced Ideas 2.0 in September this year. The second run peaked a few days ago, and according to the company’s latest post, it was even more successful. Ideas 2.0 received over 7,300 submissions from 5,427 active community members, generating over 12,000 likes and 8,800 comments. In these submissions, OnePlus has now selected 7 new features that will soon lead to OxygenOS.

Oxygen OS New Features:
  • Add an FPS counter option to the game space
  • Allow separate volume and dual media playback for each application
  • Lock screen customization
  • Wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus devices and vice versa
  • Power Diet – an aggressive battery storage system that greatly extends the battery life of OnePlus devices by restricting non-essential applications and features
  • Option to switch between black, current gray, dark mode or between
  • Partial screen shot

In response to the FBS counter-idea, OnePlus said it has been in operation for some time and will be released in a “future computer update”. The volume control idea for each application was under consideration, and OnePlus initially plans to separate the volume controls for media and announcements sometime next year. Commenting on the lock screen control idea, the company said: “We are working on the possibility of customizing components such as AOD and lock screen. Since it is an integral part of the entire OS program, it will take longer to implement. ”

oxygen os new features

Speaking about the idea of ​​wireless transfer, OnePlus said that a solution is already in operation. However, the company did not share a definite release deadline. Similarly, OnePlus revealed that optimal dark mode experience and partial screenshot features are already under consideration. But, for now, there is no release date. Regarding the Power Diet idea, OnePlus gave a very vague answer, “We also noticed that the value of long battery life prioritizes a more comprehensive utility experience when users are in difficult situations charging. . Therefore, we think it is necessary to implement such a feature. When users enable this feature, we will do everything we can to prioritize battery life as much as possible. ”

Like last time, OnePlus also shared a list of features not included in OxygenOS, with a detailed answer as to why the company chose not to include this feature. Here are all the features that are not included with OnePlus OxygenOS(Oxygen OS New Features.) at any time (click on the links to see OnePlus’ answer)

  • Aperture Punch Camera Notification Alerts
  • Desktop mode
  • Work with social media companies to improve camera optimization
  • iOS 14 rear deck gestures
  • Prevents screen burnout due to subtle pixel change
  • Customizable battery charge level
  • Dual audio on Bluetooth
  • Fingerprint customization
  • Notification ring
  • Improve image processing
  • Animations when sub-linking and merging
  • Navigation Bar Customization
  • Replace Google Dialer with OnePlus Dialer
  • Number of notifications on icons (application badges)
  • Battery health
  • Classic layout in OxygenOS 11

OnePlus rejected aperture-punch camera notification warnings and notification loop ideas due to screen burning issues. The desktop mode idea was again rejected due to a lack of “valid and valuable input” from the community. For social media camera upgrades, the company noted that the compression algorithms used by third-party applications result in poor image quality and changes to OxygenOS to resolve the issue.

The idea of ​​iOS 14 rear deck gestures was dropped due to accidental touch issues. OnePix did not accept the idea of ​​changing the pixel as it had already implemented measures to prevent screen burnout in OxygenOS 11.(Oxygen OS New Features.) The idea of ​​a customizable battery charge level was not accepted because OxygenOS already offers a similar “optimal charging” feature.

The dual Bluetooth launch idea was not selected “because it has relatively limited application footage” and OnePlus did not pick up customizable fingerprint animations because the idea had already been reviewed during the OnePlus Ideas beta run. OnePlus’ answers to the remaining rejected ideas can be found by following the link attached above.

As mentioned earlier, OnePlus(Oxygen OS New Features.) has not released a definitive release deadline for 5 of the 7 features that will be included with OxygenOS. But we expect the company to share more details about these upcoming features in the future.

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