Truecaller has Rolled Out Spam Activity Indicator Features for Android Users

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Truecaller has developed a new feature called Spam Activity Indicator for Android users. It provides detailed statistics on a spammer when tapping the caller’s profile in the Truecaller application. While free number search and spammer stats are also available on the official website, the mobile app gets three new information including spam reports, call function, and peak call times in its latest update. The spam function indicator is designed to develop Truecaller’s key proposition to provide a secure and efficient communication system.

The spam function indicator aims to allow Truecaller’s Android users to make informed decisions before picking up their phones. With the update, the application shows three main trends – spam reports, call function, and peak call times. Spam reports show how many times a particular number has been marked as spam by TrueCaller users. If this number is increasing or decreasing, the Spam Reports section shows a percentage.



The call function shows the number of recent calls made by the suspicious caller, which gives the user an idea of ​​whether or not to trust the caller. The peak call time feature, as the name implies, shows when the spam caller is most active.

Truecaller says that while these statistics are now available for use after tapping the spammer’s profile picture, future updates will allow these statistics to appear in the caller ID, allowing users to make more informed decisions. This functionality allows users to accurately retrieve all information about a suspicious spam caller on the call screen and to reject or ignore the call.

The spam function indicator feature is live in the TrueCaller app on Android, however, it seems to be a fixed feature as not all of the devices we tested have this feature.

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