Trump Looked at Banning Further Chinese Apps in Addition to TikTok

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Trump. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Monday that US President Donald Trump has taken note of the decision to ban additional Chinese-owned companies following his decision to ban the use of the short video TikTok.

Speaking to reporters at Air Force One, Meadows said the collection of personal data, especially by Chinese companies, could pose a national security risk.


“Much of what the president has noticed is the banning of other Chinese applications that may collect personal information and pose a national security risk,” he said.

On Saturday, Trump said he could put pressure on Chinese companies such as technology company Alibaba.


Trump, who has made the US-China trade relationship the central theme of his presidency, has been harshly critical of Chinese-owned companies over national security concerns. Under a Chinese law introduced in 2017, companies are obliged to support and co-operate with China’s national intelligence services.

The Trump administration has ordered the Chinese owner of Dictok, Byte Dance, to return its US operations within 90 days.

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