Vi’s Weekend Data Rollover offer allows you to move your unused data forward over the weekend: here’s how it works

Vi’s Weekend Data Rollover. All the three major telcos in India offer unlimited prepaid plans with daily data offers. While users who limit their daily data limit are limited to the slow speed at which they post FUP, those who do not fully utilize the daily limit lose the remaining data. For the latter, Vodafone has announced the benefit of Idea or V Weekend Data Rollover.

The new Weekend Data Rollover benefit is a limited time offer for those on an unlimited prepaid plan worth Rs 249 and above. The new data rollover feature is designed to carry unused daily data from weekdays to weekends. Here are all the details for the benefit of Vi Weekend Data Rollover.

The Wi-Weekend Data Rollover Benefit is a one-time offer valid from October 19, 2020, to January 17, 2021. This offer is applicable to Telco’s unlimited recharge plans with a daily data limit above Rs.249. This benefit also applies to projects with dual data benefit and to full dual data allocation. Those who recharge their Vi or Vodafone Idea number with an unlimited prepaid plan above Rs 249 will automatically carry unused daily data to the weekend data range.

Vi will accumulate all unused data from Monday to Friday and add it to the daily data cap on Saturdays and Sundays. For example, the Rs 249 plan offers 1.5GB of data per day, and if the user consumes only 1GB of data each day of the week, he should use 2.5GB of accumulated data over the weekend.

Vi’s Weekend Data Rollover offer

Vi’s Weekend Data Rollover offer

Accumulated data will be available over and above the daily data limit over the weekend. In addition, the daily data allocation for the weekend will start only after the user has settled the accumulated data. If the user is unable to delete the data accumulated over the weekend, it will expire.

If the pack is valid before the user uses it and there is a gap between the expiration date and the new recharge, the rolled data will expire. Simply put, if you collect data and the unlimited plan expires at any time, it is advisable to recharge with the new unlimited pack before the expiration date of the current pack.

Users can check the data collected in the ‘Active Packs and Services’ section of the Vi app. Alternatively, they can dial ‘* 199 #’ from the phone to verify it.

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